Why We're Different

Every stager is different, and we feel strongly that each realtor and homeowner should work with the staging company who's process and strategy "fits" them best.  Here are some ways we choose to serve our clients that we feel set us apart.

It's not just about the pretty.  We understand staging is a marketing tool, not just decorating.  Put quite frankly, our job is to make our clients more money on their homes.  We use basic design principles to draw buyers' attention toward the architectural features we want them to see such as views, counter tops, flooring and fixtures, while minimizing anything we don't want them to focus on such as awkward floorplans, dated surfaces, or small or dark spaces.  Statistics tell us buyers are looking for light, bright and open homes.  We help your home actualize its full potential in these areas.  For instance, we will often use strategic furniture placement to help rooms feel more open, light reflective materials to capture light in dark rooms, and perhaps repeat the accent color in your best feature, such as a kitchen backsplash, throughout the staging decor to highlight your best asset.  Just like matching a sweater to the color of your eyes!  We carefully weigh how buyers will perceive your home as they tour it, prioritizing what we want them to see and building momentum to create an emotional connection that compels them to make their best offer.

In short, our staging keeps buyers focused on your home's best features.  Like a touch of make-up on a lovely girl--not too much, just enough to enhance.  We want buyers to leave your home saying "what a great house", not "what a great staging job".

Additionally, when we make recommendations about home improvements, everything goes through the proverbial "Return on Investment" filter.  If we don't feel it will make you money, we simply will not recommend it. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Your buyers will decide within seconds of seeing photos of your home (usually online) whether to move forward with a showing.  In person, the eye is very forgiving of certain types of items, while in pictures, these same items can distract and clutter, shadowing the home's features.  We keep photography in mind on all projects, staging with the goal to create a relaxing yet dramatic space that jumps off the screen.

Know your audience.  We work with your realtor to understand and compliment their marketing strategy.  We target specific markets, strategizing and considering potential buyers, how they will relate to architectural features such as floorplan, and neighborhood trends.

For instance, a 4-bedroom home in a neighborhood known for great schools may be best served when shown as family-friendly... while a 3-story townhome residence above a trendy shopping area may be best served when shown as a sophisticated live/work space with an atmosphere for entertaining.  While any buyer may purchase any home, we make an effort to be cognizant of these factors.

None of this works without homeowners.  We believe in what we do.  But we also understand that our job is to act as a consultant, giving homeowners the information they need to make the best decisions for them.  Not for us, for them.  We offer a no-pressure process.  Also, we DON'T believe that snobbery is the best way to prove to a client that we have good taste, and we DO believe that a friendly, approachable attitude is the best way to help our clients reach their goals.  We work hard to structure our process in a way that respects homeowners during this often personal and stressful process.  

We run our own shop.   As our team and clientele have grown, we have made the choice to invest in owning as many components of the business as possible.  We have 2 warehouses full of furniture which we own, multiple vehicles including delivery trucks, and team of full-time employees.  This allows us to have maximum control over your project, including delivery times, inventory choices, and a team that works together daily.  It also allows us to control our pricing without a third-party furniture rental in most cases, keeping our pricing very fair and competitive.  We believe all of this equates to a better final product for you, and, as an added bonus, a more enjoyable workplace for us!