The Strategy

It’s about the buyers, not our personal taste.

It's important to note that our goal in home staging is to strategically ensure the most efficient, lucrative sale of your home possible by using basic design principles to focus buyers on the best architectural features of the home. In doing so, this process becomes more like merchandising and advertising a product than like decorating a home for a client. Our focus is on what buyers are statistically looking for, and which design will inspire buyers to see a home that certain way, not necessarily what our sellers’ or stagers’ personal tastes are.

Because of this, we do not typically ask about our client's personal tastes but rather work toward what home buyers will respond to in order to satisfy our sellers' larger goal of a successful sale. If you truly prefer to have your home designed to your own specifications we would be more than happy to refer you to an interior designer or furniture rental company who's process is set up for this exact purpose.

Leave a little space.

Ever notice that some interiors look too “done”? No space left to move into.... not room for another pillow, let alone a human being? Well we believe in what Coco Chanel said. “Before you leave the house...take one thing off.”  We believe the best way to enhance a room is to leave a little to the imagination--space for a person to enter it, become part of it, dream of what they might do with it. The strategic empty space is just as important as the items we put in. That is what establishes the personal connection between a buyer and a home and inspires the best offers. We don't want buyers to be so preoccupied with looking at "things" that we deny them the opportunity to visualize what they might do with a space once they own it. That moment of visualization is the key to establishing an emotional connection, and that emotional connection is the key to the best possible offer. Once a buyer envisions their favorite furniture piece in the home, that home becomes “the one”. Once a home is “the one”, the seller garners the best offer.

Neutrals keep focus on your home, not the staging.

We intentionally use decorative objects which are "content-neutral". We don't want buyers walking into a space, looking right at an art piece, perhaps while their backs are to the kitchen or a gorgeous view. Their focus should instead instantly be directed toward the space itself and the architectural features of the home. Keeping buyers focused on what they are buying is our goal. Neutral colors and styles allow us to achieve this.

Help buyers understand what they are looking at.

Spaces must be "visually digestible"--that is, instantly and easily understood, with the right color ratios, scale of items, etc. to allow the buyer to feel good when viewing the home. This is especially important when considering how a space will be photographed. Nearly all your potential buyers will preview the home online before deciding whether to visit it in person. They will look at many photos very quickly.  It’s important they understand what they are seeing in photos and feel good when they see it.