The Process

Consultation/Occupied Home:

Most occupied stagings begin with a consultation appointment. The stager will come preview your home, take many photos and go back to the office to develop a staging plan. Ashley is extremely involved in every detail of all staging plans. You will receive this plan in a typed, emailed recommendation report and proposal (where appropriate) within 2-3 business days after your visit. We charge a consultation fee for this package, which credits toward your staging installation if you hire us to physically stage your home (rendering it essentially free with any staging installation). Recommendations often consist of listing items to pack and remove, and sometimes improvements such as paint, carpet or fixtures, depending on your goals for the sale and your realtors’ marketing strategy. Typically, the homeowner will perform these recommendations prior to the staging installation date. However, it is of course up to you which, if any, recommendations to move forward with.  We are a no-pressure operation and will respect your decisions on whether to perform the recommendations or not.  Our job is to provide you with information so that you are able to make the right decisions for your preferences. 

Consultation/Vacant Home:

If your home will be vacant, you may not need a recommendations list. You may only need a proposal/estimate for a staging installation. If this is the case, we offer this visit and estimate free of charge. A consultation fee only applies when recommendations are given.

Preparing for Installation Day:

After reviewing your staging report and proposal, you may decide which recommendations to move forward with and work with your realtor to develop a plan of action. Typically you will want to perform the recommendations (often packing, cleaning, and sometimes painting and handyman work) prior to the staging installation. Please let us know ASAP when you want to book the staging installation date, as we often book out as far as a month during some times of year.

Installation Day:  

On the installation day, we ask that we have full access to the property all day. The majority of the staging installation takes place off-site in our warehouse as we carefully select items and load them on the trucks. Because of this, we are not able to pinpoint arrival times on delivery days. Logistics change constantly and our priority is using the right items, not grabbing the fastest items. If we try to rush to meet a promised arrival time, the quality may suffer. It’s better if we have access to the home all day so we can spend the time needed to pull the right items before going to the home. We can always call when en route upon request.

We ask that on the installation day we be the only crew working on site for safety reasons. Although it may seem that we could work around each other, in the past we have experienced safety issues which have proven to the contrary.  It’s best for all involved, including the client, if other work and cleaning crews be scheduled on different days.  We ask that floors and pathways be dry and free of items as we carry in furniture and bins. We appreciate your understanding on this as we strive to provide a safe and professional environment for all our team members and clients.

Ideally, we have a key in a combo box to come and go as needed between approximately 9:30 and 5.

Most clients choose to leave the house for the day, as the installation process can be a bit chaotic.  If you do choose to stay in the home during the installation, we hope that you will not be offended as we focus on the job at hand and may not be too social. Our team puts a lot of thought into every strategic decision and we need that quiet time to think and focus. Additionally, it’s important to remember that our goal is to create a room that guides buyers. The individual pieces are tools to achieve that. So although you may not love a specific chair as it comes into the home, it’s simply an ingredient in a larger recipe.

Final Product:

Once complete, the staging will often look different than the way you live in your home, and may look different than you expect. Staging is not meant to represent real life, but rather to give buyers a blank canvas to mentally move into, with furniture simply acting as place holders to help them visualize their own furniture. Additionally, staging items are props which are not meant to be lived on so you may consider planning for this by leaving your own linens in the house as well as other necessities.  For occupied homes, we typically try to work with as many of your own items as possible for your convenience.  We often leave a flyer with helpful hints we have picked up along the way to make living with staging as convenient as possible. We are happy to pick up staging items whenever you ask us to--most realtors recommend leaving items in the home until contingencies are lifted just before escrow closes.  Please allow about a week's notice to schedule staging removal.